Quality policy

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Quality policy

ALUMINIO INYECTADO VALENCIA, S.L. is an SME that aims to inject aluminum pressure into molds for this purpose.

We are aware of the high degree of competitiveness among companies, as well as the greater demand on the part of customers to obtain a quality product, so in addition to working in a "LEAN" environment, we have set ourselves as a main target implementing a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

This management system should allow greater satisfaction of our customers and better business results.

For all this, the policy established by the Management of ALUMINIO INYECTADO VALENCIA, S.L. is based on the following principles:

• Compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to our product, both from public administrations and from customers fundamentally.

• Fulfill the requirements of the quality system and improve it continuously.

• Enhance the collaboration of all staff in proposing improvements.

• The best advice to our clients and complete satisfaction in the fulfillment of their requirements.

• Detect possible sources of error and gradually reduce the number of non-conformities.

• Maintain the facilities and machinery of the company in good condition, so there are no breakdowns and customers can be served within agreed deadlines.

This quality policy must be known and applied by all company staff and interested parties, for which it will be disclosed internally and externally, keeping it updated and revised. Management has the responsibility that there are necessary means to apply and control the effectiveness of this Policy in appropriate conditions.

At Rafelbunyol on April 4, 2019